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Maryland Alum, ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Urges Terps Fans to Attend Games

November 20th, 2012 at 9:55 AM
By Sam Spiegs

I would like to echo Scott Van Pelt's message in the video below.

Van Pelt, a Maryland alum and current ESPN Radio and Sportscenter personalty, is absolutely right.

He should not have to urge Terps fans to go to games.

As an alum, it's disappointing to see the current choose not to attend games at Byrd or Comcast Center.

I understand football hit its low point this year when four quarterbacks tore their ACLs, so why would you want to stand in the blistering cold to see an awful product?

But hoops is a different story.

Mark Turgeon has a NCAA Tournament-worthy squad, with a bunch of young, exciting players like Jake Layman and Seth Allen, Charles Mitchell and Shaq O'Cleare. 

When SVP says fans can be a difference-maker, he's absolutely right. The influence of a packed crowd in a college venue is overwhelming. And whether Maryland is hosting Duke or Aunt Jemima's College of Maple Syrup, it is BASKETBALL, people, and every game counts toward the Terps' post-season resume. 

The team's energy is derived from the support it receives from its fans. 

You get four — maybe five — years at a student. When it's all over, you will regret the games you didn't attend; I guarantee it. 

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